"West Palm Beach"

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City Place in just over the last five years has become the home for hundreds of shops, eateries, fine dining, boutiques, entertainment venues and hundreds of people living working and just having a great time here. West Palm Beach and many others put a big gamble on the table over ten yen years ago but that has paid off in spades and success of City Place has spawned hundreds and thousands of more full use square footage development. Here you can see Movies in the luxurious Muvico Cinematic experience, attend one of the many performances at the Harriet Gimmel Theater for the Performing Arts, and of course shop, eat and play til you drop literally practically twenty four-seven. So enjoy a taste of the fun in this section of VPB, take the Bike and virtual tours, and come see us soon cause the future here couldn’t be brighter!!!   



















Step into the Rock Lobby

Hold me closer Tiny Dancer on the Catwalk





A little chat with DeShonAllen in charge of Promotions

Some Video snippets inside and at the door 


First getting inside Rock Lobby already packed


Some kinda wonderful Hotel Dancer


A little taste of Hotel with Billie Jean


Meet some of the all important Front Door staff


The Hotel is Packed


Everybody is a Star  Here !!